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Ecuador: Wellness and Culture Exploration (HSC 309) Course Syllabus


• Dr. Mehran Nogan, 603A Culkin Hall; ext. 2345; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Faculty Research Supervisors :
• Dr. Lisa Glidden (GLS 402)
• Dr. Douglas Pippin (AnT 301)
• Dr. Paul Tomascak (GEO 390)

Class Time:
• Tuesdays, 5:30-8:30 PM, 210 Campus Center

Group Fitness:
• Thursdays, 7:00-8:00 AM, Campus Fitness Center

Critical Learning Outcomes
• Develop practical understanding and application of fitness, nutrition, and overall wellness
• Understand and overcome the psychological and emotional barriers associated with extreme physical challenges
• Practically apply positive group dynamics to assist entire team in reaching small and large goals
• Appreciate others from different backgrounds he or she encounters.
• Demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility in the global sphere.
• Demonstrate a level of competence communicating with people from other ethnic and/or linguistic backgrounds
• Develop a unique perspective on their individual and collective role in a global society
• Learn more about their chosen field of study in a new global context

Example of Assignments:
• Actively participate in and help team members reach psychological, emotional, and fitness goals and assume Class projects leadership.
• Class Presentation designed to enhance understanding and appreciation of Ecuador culture
• Identify/lead social and global topics for class discussion
• Reflection paper(s) and regular journal entries on how this class experience has impacted you


Textbook: No textbook required- Reading assignment TBD

Co-curricular Requirements::
• Test Climb (Giant Mt.or Treman State Park) -REQUIRED (Tentative plan: Oct 3th)
• Group training once per week at Fitness Center
• Fundraising (Crowdrise,business sponsorship,etc.)


Class 1:           August 25                   Welcome/Introductions
- Course Overview & ice breaker/team builder/get to know each other
- Share reasons for taking course
- Overview of requirements: assignments, medical, paperwork, etc.
- Overview of fundraising : Crowdrise,local business sponsorship, etc.
- Overview of fitness program, special needs assessment, etc.

Class 2:           Sept. 1                   Fitness Preparation (Guest: Brian Wallace)
- Introduction to fitness and conditioning
- Overview of campus facilities (track, gyms, pools, weight rooms, etc.)
- Components: cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility/agility
- Altitude sickness – symptoms, prevention, and cure
- Essential Gear

- Group fitness training starts Sept 3

Class 3:           Sept. 8                 Nutrition:(Guest: Sarah Formonza)
-Nutrition prior to climb – getting your body fit
- Nutrition during climb – hydration/electrolytes, calorie intake
- Vegetarian hiking (if needed)

Ecuador: Overview

 - Overview of history, culture, climate, etc
- Assessment of Student basic knowledge of Ecuador

Class 4:          Sept. 15                 NO CLASS

Class 5:           Sept. 22                 NO CLASS

Class 6:           Sept.29                   Ecuador: Culture (Dr. Douglas Pippin)
-Special topic
Other Topics:
- Overview of equipment and clothing needed for climb
- Logistics of trip (travel, accommodations, food/water, etc.)

Oct. 3th Test climb- required

Class 7:         Oct. 6                 Test Climb Debriefing (Brian Wallace )
- Q & A on fitness and weak points

Permaculture and Ecuador (Guest: Grace Maxon)

Class 8:         Oct. 13                  Ecuador: History (Guest:Dr. Lisa Glidden )
- Recent events ; Why does Ecuador use the Dollar?

Other topics: - Nov. 3rd Class Presentation - What is expected?

Class 9:           Oct. 20                  Various Topics

- Significant social and global issue

- Students are expected to bring a topic for class discussion

Class 10: Oct. 27 Ecuador: Geology (Guest:Dr. Paul Tomascak)
- Special topic

Class 11:         Nov. 3                   Class presentations
- Each student presents a 20-30 minute on a selected topic such as :
- Ecuador culture ,art and music          - Local Flora/Fauna
- Volcano                          - Tips/Tricks for successful climbing/Danger of high altitude

Class 12: Nov. 10 Social (Ecuador food and music)

Class 13:         Nov. 17th                   Travel Logistics
- Final check: gear, vaccines, passports, itinerary, flights, transportation,etc.

Class 14:     Nov. 24               TBA

Class 15:         Dec. 1                     Final Class
- questions/concerns, final details and last minute changes

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