Messages While on the Road - 2012

@TogetherWeGo Thank you for your Support from Kilimanjaro!  Mehran Nojan: All are back in the U.S. and safe and sound... #SUNYOSWEGO

Mehran Nojan called at 5:10 p.m. to report that all are back in the U.S. and safe and sound. We can all breathe a sigh of relief and welcome back the adventurers!

Received a brief message at 1:23 pm EST on January 15, from Mehran Nojan.
We are just about to board the airplane and will contact you when we reach Amsterdam

This update is from a voice message received on January 13 from OGG staff member Katie Maxwell.
I'm calling from beautiful Arusha. It's 9:09 a.m. on lucky Friday the 13th.
We arrived at the lodge safe and sound last night. Everybody was happy to be back in regular beds and we had a wonderful dinner.
This morning we are headed to the Masai village where we're going to visit a school and spend some time in the village shopping.
Everybody is trying to learn their conversions from shillings to dollars so we make sure that we're not over paying.
Everybody is doing really well and is excited for the fun adventure ahead of us.
Most people have some sunburn and dry skin issues. But other than that everybody is happy and healthy.
We want to send our love and well wishes to our family, friends and colleagues back home. Everyone misses their family and friends and we're starting to get excited to see everybody again. So, all is well here in Tanzania.
Again today is the village, Saturday we are going on a Safari for the day, and then on Sunday we plan to do some more shopping in the village before we fly out Sunday night from Tanzanian time.
Much love to everybody in Oswego, our family and friends! All is well in Africa!


This update is from a voice message received on January 11 from team member Ryan Lemon of the International Education office.
All 23 of us are safe and sound.
Right now we are sleeping at Mweka Hut which is the final camp before our final descent tomorrow to Machame Gate.
We had a great dinner, a good day and a really nice hike.
Kudos goes to their families and parents and to the climbers for actually partaking and finishing the job.
The porters and Protus's guides are making sure the climbers are well looked after.
It's been a pretty epic trek up and down Kilimanjaro. We should be hiking for between 2 to 4 hours tomorrow before reaching the gate. And then we are off to Arusha back to the lodge that we stayed in.
From there we'll be doing a visit to Masai village where we'll be going to a school and then going on a safari. Those might be reversed depending on the schedule.
Besides a couple minor headaches everybody is well and we're all set and going to get some sleep tonight.
This has been a really fantastic tour so far and a really fantastic program.

This update is from a brief phone call received from Mehran Nojan on January 10.

We had 100% success.

Everyone made it to the top!

Other than exhaustion and a few headaches here and there everyone is in great shape!

This update is from a voice message received from Leila Karkia.
It is January 9, 2012, we are currently stationed at Kasufo Camp (unsure that is the correct name, it was hard to hear) which is a slight variation from our original itinerary.
We're supposed to be at Barafu Camp, but we decided to push forward to a higher elevation, so we are currently at 17,000 feet; preparing to summit tonight.
At midnight the team will be heading up to the Kilimanjaro summit. We will be in touch as soon as we get back.

This update is from a voice message received from Mehran Nojan on January 8.
It is now Sunday night around 8 o'clock and we are settling in our camp.
The camp is called Karanga Camp at about 13,000 feet. We are all in good shape and we are getting ready to go to bed. We have a long day tomorrow.
Everybody is in a good mood, everybody is healthy and so far so good!

This update is from a voice message received from Gary Morris on January 6.

Jambo! Day two on the mountain greets us with hot porridge, tea, hard boiled eggs and something called meat sticks, all delicious.

Our hike was about 7 hours long and quite steep today.

We have finished for the day above 12000 feet. The air is thinning out and it is clear that any movement above a slow walk will get us all out of breath.

A few more headaches and nausea, but every single team member remains in high spirits and having the time of their lives.

We are greeted to our camp by our guides and porters singing their favorite tribal songs. They even got most of us to dance.

The weather is colder now and we are all wearing multiple layers and doing our best to stay warm.

We have left the forest and the plants are much smaller now and very beautiful.

The views from Kilimanjaro have been fantastic and we will soon be climbing under the full moon.

PS: Please send more soap and a little bit of oxygen if you have it.

This update is from a voice message received from Gary Morris. We got up and had a breakfast of eggs, toast, jelly, coffee, and juice. Then we broke camp jammed in the van and drove to Machame Gate at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

After signing in we finally began our ascent. The word on the mountain is "Polepole", which is Swahili for "slow, slow". And we certainly went slow.

Our final destination was Machame Camp and we landed here about 5 pm at 9400 feet. Along the way we met people from Hungary, the UK, and Germany.

The porters are very strong often times carrying several times more weight on their head than we carry in total.

Our first night in our mess tent was spent celebrating our first day with a grand meal and fellowship.

A couple of headaches and sore shoulders were the worst symptoms. Everyone is in great spirits.
It is 10 pm and we're going to bed and ready for an 8 am departure in the morning. We miss everyone, but are excited to be doing this.
PS: Please send soap as soon as possible.

Today the team is resting from the long flight. They've had orientation for tomorrow's climb and all their gear was checked. They did a mini climb as a warm up and they are now ready for tomorrow.
Everyone is well, in a good mood, and excited for tomorrow. They are staying in a very nice place that is housing only their team. There is a woman who is cooking for them and they had a wonderful meal.

The team arrived safely at Kilimanjaro International Airport and is headed to their hotel. More updates to follow.

Oswego Kilimanjaro team is heading to Africa today. The updates of their adventures will be posted here, and on Facebook.
Please consider supporting their cause by making a donation to Oswego Going Global (benefiting SUNY Oswego International Education Scholarship). OswegoJourneys

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