Messages While on the Road - 2013

@TogetherWeGo Thank you for your Support from Kilimanjaro!

Three students provided updates.
Cayla Pratt:
Today we went to the primary school and dropped off school supplies and uniforms for the children and then hung out with them. Now we are headed back to the lodge to have a restful evening.
Cody Waterman:
Tomorrow we are going to sleep in a little later than usual! Then we are going to the city (Arusha) to do some last minute shopping. After that we'll be heading home. Hakuna Matata!
Kyle Durgin:
The team is looking forward to cheeseburgers, pizza, Panera bread, bagels and ice cream. "No more bananas and no more soup for the rest of our lives!" We miss everyone at home.

People are showering for the first time in a number of days and feeling clean. They are stretching out some sore muscles. Everyone is doing well and they can't believe they just climbed Mount Kilimanjaro! We'll be getting up early tomorrow morning and heading to the Tarangire National Park to see all kinds of animals. There is a large river with the same name that runs through the park. It is also home of Africa's tallest trees which dot the landscape there. We'll spend the day viewing the animals.
The next day after breakfast we'll do a walking tour of the farms at the foot of the Rift Valley. It is an area that is home to more than 120 different tribes that cultivate rice and 30 different species of bananas for cooking. That will be a nice day to interact with the villagers. We are hopeful to have a contact of one of the porters to lead us through and learn about the farming techniques and meet the farmers. That will be a full day on the 13th.
The next morning we'll get into land rovers and we'll be heading to the Ngorongoro Crater National Park for another whole day of safari where there are over 3000 species of animals to view. Elephants, leopards, lions, water buffalo, and the rare black rhino make up what is known as "The Big 5".

1/10/13 – Call received from Steve Baker at 9:30am EST The team reached the summit! Hooray! It was a great accomplishment. We reached Stella Point at 6:30am and watched the sun rise over Africa. But that is not the highest point. It took another hour to reach the highest point which is Uhuru Peak (19,340 ft). We took pictures of the group along with the banners.
Then we went back down to Barafu Camp, grabbed some lunch and rested. Next we made our way down to Maweki Camp. We'll spend the night here and in the morning go back down to the lodge and get ready for the upcoming events.
Everyone is a little sore and a little tired, but we will sleep very well tonight!

1/9/13 – Call received from Steve Baker at 10:52am EST
We left Karanga Camp at about 9:30 this morning which is about 13,000 feet. We made it to Barafu Camp and that's just over 15,000 feet. We settled in for the day, had lunch and then rested. We finished our dinner and met with our guides for our final instructions.
Everyone is in good shape. There are a few aches and pains and a little sun burned but other than that in good shape.
We will be laying down for a couple of hours, getting up at 11:30pm and heading to the summit at midnight with hopes to reach the summit around 6:00 am to see the sunrise over beautiful Africa. The team is super excited and ready to go!
The team sends their thanks and best wishes back to the university, family and friends for their support and we'll see everyone soon so we can tell the tales of our adventures!

1/8/13 – Call received from Adam Krolikowski at 8:04am EST
Today is day 4 on the mountain and we traveled from Baranco Camp to Karanga Camp and right at the beginning of our trek today we encountered Baranco Wall and that was a lot of climbing up and over. Then once we got past that it was relatively easy, but it was a lot of up and down, peaks and valleys today. Everyone is in good spirits and everyone is feeling good.

1/7/13 – Call received from Sean Sharp at 12:18pm EST
Today was day 3 on Kilimanjaro. We left Shira Camp at 8:30am, the altitude was about 12,000 feet. We arrived at Baranco Camp at 6:00pm. The altitude here is about 13,000 feet. Today we climbed up to our highest point to Lava Tower (a big rock formation from a volcano eruption), about 15,000 feet. We went up and then back down a little bit. Everyone is in good shape. A little sun-burned and pretty tired but in good shape and spirits are high! “Hi Mom and Dad!”, from Sean.

Everyone says “Hi!” and we would like to thank all the supporters of Oswego Going Global for making this trip possible!

1/6/13 - Call received from Molly Rudrow at 8:31 am EST
We are now at the Shira Camp at over 10,000 feet. Today we climbed through the giant tethers and we did a lot of boulder climbing, rock climbing. There was cloudiness today but we only hit light rain so it wasn't too bad. Mostly uphill climb but everyone made it and we're all in good spirits. We were greeted at the camp by our crew with singing and dancing. Have a good day!

1/4/13 – Call received from Mary Gleason at 9:50am EST
Today is our first official day in Africa, it is beautiful and sunny. Shortly after breakfast we went to Songota Falls. We got to swing on some vines from the trees for good luck. During a drought they say it helps bring water. After that we went to the town to get school supplies for the children. We bought cloth for uniforms and some paper and pencils. We saw banana trees and avocado trees and got fresh corn for dinner tonight. We will be leaving at 6 am tomorrow for the trail head.

OGG 2013 UPDATE: (call received from Mehran Nojan at 2:45pm EST)
We’ve just arrived.
We are in Tanzania at the lodge and setting in our rooms.
It was a long trip but very smooth going. Everybody says “hi”!

Update by Mary Katherine to Facebook From: Schiphol, Noord-Holland

First leg is over. Made it to Amsterdam. Next stop, Tanzania. — with Oswego GoingGlobal. 

Oswego Kilimanjaro team - Together We Go! OGG at JFK eagerly awaiting boarding. Tanzania here we come. — with Mary Katherine, Adam M Krolikowski, Cayla Ann Pratt and Naomi Chalfin...

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