Messages While on the Road - 2014

Together We Go: Peru Team - Messages While on the Road (2014)

Back home reminiscing about the amazing places we visited , obstacles we overcame, and unforgettable memories we shared and many friends we met along the way!
Great job 2013-14 Peru team.
I hope you enjoy sharing your stories with family and friends! Julie Ann Moodie, Rachel Corin, Courtney Zobeydeh Hadjeasgari, Courtney Short Christie Cockayne, Ange Tylock Joanna McIntyre, Lindsay Pesner, Andrew Kowal, Jesse King, Julie Meleski, Shannon Ainsley,

Hello Everyone
Another great day at Puno-sightseeting, shopping, great dinner and heart warming music. Time to pack and get ready for our trip back home- sad to leave such a great place and kind people AND happy to see our family and friends soon! our advanture is ending soon but the friendship and experiences we gain will stay with us for ever. See you soon1

Hello Everyone
We left Amantani Island early morning and went to Taquile Island both on Lake Titicaca. We hiked across Taquile Island, had lunch with the local and took a boat back to Puno.
We are now getting ready for our dinner. Everybody enjoyed the experience and are doing well. Our adventure will be ending soon and we are all looking forward to seeing our family and friends back home. Good night

Today we continued our adventure to Lake Titicaca. We ventured to the floating islands which was beautiful. We learned very much about the islands and the native people here.
We’re having a wonderful time and the team is doing very good. Everyone says “hello!”. Buenos Noches
We’re on Amantani Island with our host families and we’ll eat dinner with them and have a good night. Adios!

Hi everyone. We just arrived in Puno and we are about to head to dinner. All is well and the group is ready for our boat tour in the sun around Lake Titicaca tomorrow.

We are back in Cusco and today was our relaxation day! We went to markt ,shopping, lunch.and now getting ready for our trip to Titicaca Lake. Everyone is doing well. Thank you to ALL parents, family mambers, and friends for their support . Be ready for many photos and stories that we will bring home!

I can officially say I've hiked the Inca Trail and survived thanks to Oswego GoingGlobal! — feeling accomplished.

We successfully ended our Inca Trail hike. We are now in Machu Picchu. We are all well and now the team is all back together. We have Courtney, Lizette, and Magdalena back with us. Tomorrow we are going to visit the Machu Picchu site, and then travel by train back to Cusco.
Jesse would also like to wish a happy second 25th birthday to his mom Debbie Bobzien King!!! -Love Jesse.

Yesterday we completed our toughest day and we successfully reached our campsite (Phuyupatamarca) even though it was kind of dark, but we got here. Now we are eating breakfast and today we start our trek to Machu Picchu to end our day at our hotel. Everyone is good, and we’re all safe and we’re having a great time!

We just arrived at our second camp – Llulluchapampa (3,680m). Everything is perfect!
Everybody is healthy and everybody is doing very well. Thank you and “high 5” to the parents for raising such strong kids! It was a tough day, but we all made it to the second camp.
They have taken care of us with food, and good guidance and everything else. Now we are settling in our tents to rest for the night. We have a long day tomorrow.
LLulluchapampa camp is absolutely gorgeous and beautiful, surrounded by high mountains.

We are all doing very well. Everybody is in good health and energetic. A couple hours ago we arrived at our first camp – Llactapata Camp. We just had our dinner and are getting ready to go to bed. Tomorrow we are going to have a long day, and we are all confident we can do the next leg of the trip, as good as we did today. Thanks to everyone following the team!

Update from OGG 2013-14 Peru Team as of 8:58PM on January 7th, 2014: The team has arrived at Llactapata Camp and are settling in for the evening. They are in good spirits and have enjoyed the day. Tomorrow is another fun filled day of adventure. We'll post more updates as we receive them...

January 7 2014 - with Oswego GoingGlobal

The team is doing well. Yesterday we had a great time exploring Peru including the Sacred Valley. The food is great and the people are kind. Now we are getting ready to depart for the Inca Trail in about 1/2 hour. While on the mountain we will try our best to send updates.

January 3 2014 - with Oswego GoingGlobal
On our way to Peru!!! Peru Team - in JFK

Peru Team - in JFK January 3 2014

All arrived safely, no issues

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