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Do you have an inspiring attitude about your future? Do you have an intrinsic motivation to broaden your perspective? Do you have the willingness to learn from the global community and to make an impact on the world? Many of the SUNY Oswego students you are about to hear from felt nervous to face unfamiliar languages, cultures, and environments—leaving behind the comfort of campus life. Nevertheless, their desire to learn about and learn from the world they live in overpowered any fear they may have had.
These students, with the support of our knowledgeable faculty and staff, decided to move out of their comfort zone to expand their horizon. Here are their stories… are you ready to create your own?

168 Hours on Kilimanjaro Official Trailer

Oswego Going Global (OGG) founded in 2010 is committed to promote international education and provide greater access to Study Abroad programs by raising scholarship 2013 was OGG

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Student Participated in SUNY Oswego Study Abroad in Poland 
Student participated in SUNY Oswego Study Abroad Program in Honduras.
Student participated in SUNY Oswego Study Abroad program in Japan
Oswego Going Global - New Zealand - Samantha Rivers

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